My Westfield Prize

They say winners are grinners and I was definitely grinning from ear to ear when I won the Westfield styling session plus $1000 gift card competition through Styling You.

My prize included  2 hours styling session with a Westfield Stylist and I was eager to find out what body shape I was and learn a few tips on dressing to suit my shape. I met with the lovely Christie Nicolaides and we quickly determined that my body shape was an hourglass. Westfield has a nifty online body shape calculator if you're curious to know what body shape you are.

Christie's top tips of hourglass body shapes are:

  • Belt it - focusing on enhancing the smallest part of your body shape which for hourglass is the waist. Another trick is to push jacket sleeves up to about waist height so the eyes is automatically drawn to the smallest part of the body.
  • It's either long or short don't try to do midi skirts which cuts you off mid calf and does nothing to flatter the figure. Clothes that finish at the ankle or above the knee elongates and gives balance.
  • Fitted clothing is best and by that I mean clothes that enhance the natural curves of the body and avoid teaming loose top and bottom clothes together. 
So what have I bought with my $1000?

1. Undergarments from La Senza
2. Swing jacket from Portmans
3. Shorts and singlet from Dotti
4. Leopard print singlet from Tempt
5. Wittner heels
6. ASICS Gel Kayano shoes
7. Black skirt from Portmans (not shown because Dr T accidentally threw it away!)

All up I've spent just over $480 in total. That gives me still $520 of free shopping money to shop til I drop!

A big thank you to Westfield, Nuffnang and Styling You for this generous prize.


  1. Wow, lucky lucky!!! Congrats. That's an amazing prize money! The styling session sounds useful too. What did you have to do to enter the comp? *envious*

  2. Really impressed with what you got so far, Jen ... and how gorgeous is Christie?

  3. U lucky lucky gal!! So not jealous at all :P

  4. Woohoo. What an awesome win! Have fun shopping Jen ;)



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